What Banks Don’t Want You to Know About the SBA

Traditional bankers have a tendency to look down at the SBA world, and they want you to do the same. Why is that? They know that we do what we do, better, so they try and deter you from utilizing SBA loans, especially the SBA 504 loan product, in order to keep you coming to them.   

Why do they do this?  

SBA 504 loans are a bit more paperwork for banks (not for you), and that’s not something they want to deal with. They also don’t put as much money in their pockets as quickly, which is ultimately all that banks are concerned about. So when it comes to funding loans for commercial real estate purposes, they’ll push you to use a conventional loan instead of an SBA 504.  

It only makes sense that small business loans are made for exactly that… small businesses. Don’t lose out on the opportunity to use these loan products just because a bank doesn’t want to put in the work for you. We’ll put in the work. Banks don’t want you to know how good we are, but we’re here to prove it- over and over again. Thousands of SBA loans closed. Billions of dollars funded. That’s no fluke, that’s experience. 

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