Do you know Step #1 in buying a business?


As a national non-bank direct lender we specialize in helping small to midsize businesses finance their growth and create wealth through our SBA 504, SBA 7(a) and low LTV conventional loan programs.

“Ultimate Guide to The SBA 504 and 7(a)”

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You can bootstrap many things in a small business, but there’s one thing you cannot do without when buying one: capital. And nine out of ten times, that comes from financing. I’ve known business owners who accomplished this with personal credit cards or short-term “alternative, online small business loans”… all of which had interest rates north of 20% per year. Ridiculous!

If you or someone you know is in this situation, then consider our SBA 7(a) loan program as your first choice loan. Rates and terms can’t be beat (especially by credit cards or “alternative, online lenders”), and Fountainhead will provide efficient, unequaled service to you and those you know.

The 7(a) is a great match for a local business or when acquiring a franchise, too. Call or email me or our COO and resident 7(a) guru, Michael Bland, to discuss it today. And yes, we just launched our new 7(a) referral program, which you can learn about by filling out this short form here. I sincerely doubt it’ll leave you disappointed in any way…😉

As always, we’d welcome the opportunity to work with you or those you serve. Call or email me anytime to discuss a partnership.

Hotel Construction is Beginning

It was great to be a part of the ground-breaking for a soon-to-be VIB by Best Western across from Universal Studios in Orlando. This is a $15.2 million construction-to-permanent project.

Congratulations to all involved! We’re excited to bring this project to life! Call us if we can help grow your portfolio.