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Hampton Inn – Case Study

Shahin Shaath, CEO of KTM Hospitality in Ontario Mills, California has known many lenders during his career, and quite honestly, he’s not easily impressed. With a family history in the hospitality industry and personal experience working with franchisors like Carrows and British Petroleum, Shaath has put together many deals and finds typical bankers bureaucratic and […]

Zip Lines, Falcons and Fun Resort Experiences Fund Retirement Plan

It’s not every day that a real estate story starts with falconry, but Duane Zobrist of Resort Outfitters is not an ordinary executive. After graduating from college with a master’s degree in public administration, Zobrist set up a really cool business to teach people about falcons. One problem: He didn’t have any customers.      “I was forced to cold-call hotels to find business and one out of […]

Persistence Pays Off for Society Dance Hall

Shana Vitoff, owner of Society Dance Hall in Philadelphia, has a simple message for any business owner who is contemplating buying their building: “If I can do it, anyone can.” Of course, she’s being incredibly modest as Vitoff has built a successful dance studio and will soon move into a new building that doubles her space with a mortgage payment that is only about 15% more than her previous rent.      […]

Refinancing Hits All the Right Notes for Traveler Guitar

Every business owner seeks validation, and most of the time, it’s realized when you generate sales and profits. For Traveler Guitar President Corey Oliver, he need only look to Grammy Award-winning musicians like Melissa Etheridge and Zac Brown, who are among the many artists who own and play a Traveler. Tough to find better validation than that.    So what makes a Traveler so special? While […]

Forbes Publishing Imprint Chooses Fountainhead 504 Loan

Adam Witty, CEO of Charleston, South Carolina-based Advantage Media Group, wears many hats: entrepreneur, publisher, author, speaker and philanthropist. As one of the largest business book publishers in America, with revenue growth of 231% from 2014-2017, he had many options when the time came to finance the purchase of his new building. He chose Fountainhead […]