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Debating Shark Tank’s Big Equity Bite

Image of six people on six reasons why a loan might be better than a deal on shark tank.

If you run a business and have time to watch television, your favorite reality show is likely Shark Tank. The show provides lovers of entrepreneurship with a candy-like fix by showcasing interesting business ideas that may or may not catch the attention of the “shark” investors. While I love the show’s entertainment value and admit that […]

Best Time In A Generation To Purchase Commercial Real Estate

Image of a man standing next to a table with a model building located on top.

Regardless of the economic climate, arguments can always be made for why small business owners should purchase their commercial properties. With a steadily growing economy and still historically low interest rates, reasons to buy rather than rent are incredibly compelling right now. I have worked with entrepreneurs and the U.S. Small Business Administration for more […]

Invert Sports dodges growth obstacles with help of Fountainhead

Image of people on a red boat, along with more pan standing on a paddle board.

No time for loans? A huge myth surrounding SBA loans is that they’re very complicated to obtain, and the process takes way too long. Fountainhead always emphasizes that the enemy is not the SBA loan. Your experience with them relies on the lender you choose to borrow with. When you choose to grow with us, […]

Say Thanks to Your Hero Today

Image of five people sitting at a table taking notes

I’m in beautiful San Diego today for the AAHOA (Asian American Hotel Owner’s Association) Convention. There are close to 7,000 hotel owners meeting for several days and the entrepreneurial energy is palpable. I look around at thousands of business owners and feel incredible admiration for their hard work and willingness to take risks. In many […]

Congrats Atlanta Peach Movers

Congratulations to our client and friends at Atlanta Peach Movers. They closed a refinance of approximately $3.6 million in total on this warehouse. They’ve been serving the Atlanta and Southeast markets for over 30 years and are the official movers for the Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Hawks. The company is a success story for small […]

Lead like McMahon

Linda McMahon resigned last week as Administrator of the SBA. She brought a fresh, real-world view with her entrepreneurial experience. She knew how to effectively ignite small business growth and will be missed. Be Like McMahon I enjoyed McMahon’s leadership because she knew how to get things done. She was an actual business owner leading […]

Here’s some entrepreneur inspiration

We all know that small business is the backbone of our country. 2016 Census data shows that 98% of US businesses have less than 20 workers. No matter the size business, I’m a raving fan of entrepreneurs and business owners. That’s who Fountainhead exists to serve. I was honored to speak with John Siracusa for […]

Deny the drama and partner with Fountainhead.

Media has run the full spectrum recently from high profile arrests to politics to entertainment awards… all of it very dramatic. Who of us needs more drama? That’s why we’re committed to a logical, efficient and service-driven approach in financing your business needs. I know the process of accessing capital and closing deals can be […]