SBA Relief Loans – A Message From the Frontlines


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These past few weeks have been tough. I’ll admit, while I felt the adrenaline kick in, knowing the role we have to play during this time, I also felt a sense of heaviness for the future of our economy and its citizens. My thoughts immediately went to the small business owners and entrepreneurs who are the backbone of this great nation and who have been impacted significantly by this economic body slam.

I say all the time that I love working with entrepreneurs (after all, I am one)…it’s because I love working with people who have that never-give-up mindset, among other reasons. It got me thinking… could a coronavirus world stop this drive and passion? Will people, many of whom are struggling to keep their doors open, still have the grit and tenacity to push through in such a difficult time? What else, besides capital, will business owners need in these crazy times?

So I started talking to entrepreneurs, taking more calls than usual and jumping on more emails and texts, between all the other fires I’ve been putting out lately. While I expected heart-wrenching stories from fearful business owners not being able to feed families, that’s not all that I heard. Yes, many people are afraid and frustrated. And many people need help right now. But these same people had ideas on how they can help, best practices for how they’re streamlining to keep their doors open, and above all: kindness.

I know as a society we are fearful. But I didn’t hear too much fear. I saw generosity. I heard empathy. And I felt optimism. I’ve been a bit blown away at the mindsets of many of these people and how they’re trying to work around these circumstances. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised? This is what entrepreneurs DO; it’s how we operate. And it’s also our American spirit… deep in our DNA.

When I heard the outlook they had, it made me realize a few things:


1. There IS light ahead of us. We’re being forced into paths we did not intend to take, but it’s a long, winding road, not a stop sign.


2. Our world DEPENDS on those who can step up in times of need. Right now, my team and I are in a blessedly unique position to help many people. We don’t take that responsibility lightly.


3. Community, kindness, and empathy are needed now MORE THAN EVER (even if it’s from a distance on Facetime or Zoom). We need to take care of each other. Not a time to be selfish.


For all who are fearful right now, I truly believe this too will pass. Try to use your precious time wisely and turn to those you love for support. It’s important to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally, when dealing with such a crisis.

For those who are able to lend a helping hand, do all you can. The world will get through this with time, but many will need your help, too. Our minds and souls will get through this with love and compassion.

I know what our role is, and I know what we have to do. We’ve prepared ourselves. We’re staying healthy, and working day in and day out to do our part. We’ll be here on the front lines doing everything we can to help our economy by helping YOU during these uncertain times. And the more updates and information we get, we’ll immediately share it.

I also wanted to mention…while we pride ourselves on quick response times and fanatical follow-up, due to an extremely high volume of inquiries and loan submissions, my team is currently taking a bit longer than usual to respond to your requests. Please know we’re doing everything in our power to move as quickly as possible and we WILL get back to you as fast as we can. And yes, we eagerly await direction from our elected leaders and the other fine public servants in Washington on the various bills and rules and regulations coming, which will unleash our power to help you and the many you know.

Stay safe and healthy. Help is coming…