Elle Merkley

Commercial Loan Specialist

Elle has been involved in SBA Lending for over 15 years. She has a degree in Business Finance and professional working experience with Banks, Non-Bank Lenders, Certified Development Companies, and FinTech. Elle has primarily officed out of Los Angeles, NYC, and Salt Lake City during her career, while also having a nationwide territory for Business Lending. Elle has a strong credit background and a charming personality – which makes it enjoyable teaming up with her in securing an SBA Loan.

She is passionate about helping others and is an exquisite problem-solver & opportunity finder! One of her grand joys is helping businesses secure the loans they need – where they can keep their focus on what they are experts at (running their businesses) and confidently trust her to deliver solutions on the lending side. In addition to SBA Lending – Elle enjoys traveling to unique places (with a love for Europe), playing chess, and has a big heart for fashion & creativity.