Jared Keith

SBA Portfolio Analyst

Jared Keith started his career in the SBA world when the PPP loans were made available to Small Businesses affected by the pandemic. His background includes running a Jasper Engines and Transmission distribution branch in Orlando FL.  Jared started off as Driver and worked his way up the chain to Branch Operations.  Prior to the pandemic, Jared had the opportunity to further his career and began working for Selma Cookies as an Account Specialist. He worked in Branch Operations which included account and order management, payables/receivables, and customer relations until they were closed due to the Covid shutdown. Jared immediately joined the Fountainhead team in 2020 and assisted in the PPP loans for both round one and two helping businesses stay afloat. He has transitioned into this role as Portfolio Analyst to further his career in the SBA world and to assist Small Businesses continuous growth. In his spare time, Jared enjoys spending time with his family, producing music and fishing.