Jim Walters

Portfolio Manager

Jim Walters brings over twenty-six years’ experience in management, commercial lending, government guaranteed lending, and banking audit after receiving a bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from California State University. He has the skills to think outside of the box but remain compliant with the SBA’s regulations and guidelines. He believes in how Fountainhead’s leadership views clients: “You’re not a number or credit score to us. You’re a business owner with a story.”

Jim has worked for both national banks like Bank of America and Zions (Bank of Nevada) and smaller, internet-based banks like The Bancorp and Radius Bank. This experience has been helpful when working with referral sources, borrowers, and team members. He also has a daughter and son with whom he enjoys spending most of his time with and help him stay young. His daughter, who plays on a travel soccer team, keeps him on top of his time management, although he would love the ability to fly, for travel congestion certainly gets in the way. His son, a rising film director, continuously reminds him of seeing through various perspectives, an important part of working with the Fountainhead team.