Krystian Heal

Commercial Loan Specialist

Krystian has always had a passion for helping people ever since she was a child. She was always the first one to offer a helping hand, words of advice, and even tutoring throughout high school and college. That desire eventually led her into the insurance industry, where she found her desire for helping business owners, but she quickly realized she wanted to help business owners beyond just insurance. After completing her Finance Degree from Seminole State College, she took a leap further in the commercial mortgage world, where she found her true passion.
With a background in finance, insurance, and commercial businesses, Krystian comes to Fountainhead as a prior commercial mortgage broker with extensive knowledge, passion, and drive. Krystian loves what she does and it shows in her work everyday. She wants every single one of her clients to feel confident, knowledgeable, and supported throughout the entire SBA process and beyond.