Michael Bland

Chief Operating Officer

Michael has provided loans to literally thousands of small business customers. After answering an ad in 1996 for a credit analyst—having no idea what “SBA” meant until the first day on the job—Michael became a passionate advocate of small business owners. This passion was partially fueled by his father, who started a light-manufacturing business and grew it to a stable, successful enterprise with over 200 employees. Michael has worked for a number of SBA lenders over the past 20+ years including Zions Bank, Bancorp and Banco Popular.

As the COO for Fountainhead SBF, Michael is responsible for all operations of the business including underwriting, SBA approval, closing and servicing. He is excited to be part of the Fountainhead team and brings a passion for helping owners navigate the SBA process. This ultimately means long-term success to small and mid-sized businesses.

Michael has a BS in Finance from Indiana University, Bloomington.