Michelle Carrelli

Chief Productivity Officer

This disruptive technology pioneer found her way to Fountainhead as a consultant, and soon after introducing innovative system and process technologies (that surprised and delighted stakeholders!) Michelle joined the Team to focus on digital transformation efforts.

Michelle’s grooming started with attending the University of Southern Africa and mastering the fundamentals of commerce, business, finance management, business analytics, industrial psychology, and company law, propelling her to seek roles requiring intensive change efforts having a broad impact on a business’ ability to meet its goals.

Her family brought her to the USA in 2000, when she joined Pinnacle and served as the Chief Financial Officer for Pinnacle Financial Corporation and its various subsidiaries through 2009; providing Michelle multiple opportunities to sharpen her corporate financial skills, legal and compliance expertise, data management skills and project management.

Since 2009 she’s performed in management consulting leadership roles focused on increasing the impact of technology across enterprises; mastering transformations while simultaneously reducing costs.  Her passion for learning and development drove her to pursue additional certifications as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Professional Scrum Master and Salesforce CRM Developer.