Photo of Nick Brown on a white background.

Nick Brown

Commercial Loan Specialist

Nick joined the Fountainhead team in September 2019 as a Commercial Loan Specialist. Prior to starting this position, Nick worked as a Business Relationship Manager for JPMorgan Chase. His passion to help entrepreneurs stems from a long history of family members who have owned and operated their own businesses. From working with his family in an auto interior repair shop to a condo-cleaning company, he continues to show his versatility and ability to pick up new tasks quickly.

Nick received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Central Florida, where he majored in Economics and minored in Finance. During his time at UCF, Nick performed across the nation playing the alto saxophone with the UCF Marching Knights and Gemini Blvd., UCF A Cappella group. Nick is currently pursuing his MBA with UCF. If you hear someone singing “We Found Love” by Rihanna, give him a wave… unless it’s Rihanna, then get a picture.