Should You Rent or Buy Your Business Property?

The most common question I get from business owners is whether they should rent or buy their property. The answer is simple. In almost every case, it’s going to be far cheaper to own the property than to rent it.

Business owners are surprised when we explain how they can own their property without tweaking anything about their business. We’ll often get calls from owners who are considering buying their property when their lease is up and want to know what the numbers will look like. We’ll run the numbers and after that, the decision is simple.

The same way many people move from renting an apartment to owning a home, business owners should always be looking to own their property. Either way, you’ll be making monthly payments. With a lease, you’re paying your landlord month after month. After you acquire your property, you begin to build up equity in an appreciable asset over time. Now, your monthly payments are really going toward yourself instead of a landlord.

The most efficient way to acquire your property is through that SBA 504 loan, which is what Fountainhead specializes in. With this loan, your dollar is being leveraged in the best way possible. The 90% loan-to-cost financing also ensures you’re getting the best cash on cash return. Make the best decision for your business growth.

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