What misconceptions do most people have about the SBA 504 loan?

There are a lot of misconceptions and myths out there about SBA financing in general, but also about the SBA 504 loan. The process takes too long. That is a very old misconception. It deals a lot with the lender you chose to do the financing with. Really, it’s all about the lender. If the […]

What does it take to qualify for the SBA 504 loan?

#1: Own a majority of the real estate. One of the qualifications for a SBA 504 loan is the square footage of the real estate you’re getting into. Are you going to occupy at least 51%, a simple majority? If you’re not, then you may not qualify for an SBA 504 loan. Buying commercial real […]

Chris Hurn awarded Coleman’s SBA 504 Lender of the Year

Congratulations to our CEO and founder, Chris Hurn, on being named Coleman Report’s 2017 SBA 504 Lenders of the Year! He is one of five recipients to receive the honor. Chris and his team have collectively funded more than $26 billion in SBA 504 projects over the past 20 years. This then makes Fountainhead Commercial […]

Can you finance heavy equipment with an SBA 504 loan?

SBA 504 loans are primarily used for financing commercial real estate. However, the program does allow, for the acquisition of heavy equipment with a useful life exceeding 10 years. In fact, we’ve closed such a loan. Fountainhead closed a $1.3 million loan used for the acquisition of heavy equipment. Natstone, LLC, a manufacturer of thermal […]

Fountainhead Commercial Capital Launched

Fountainhead 504 - SBA 504 Lender

Renowned small business lender Chris Hurn today launched Fountainhead Commercial Capital, a nationwide lender focused on financing owner-occupied commercial real estate. Hurn, who has lent nearly two billion dollars on commercial real estate through the SBA 504 loan program, opened the doors on the new business and has already started consulting with entrepreneurs about funding […]