The Top 3 Reasons Why People Choose SBA 504 Loans

The top three reasons why somebody chooses an SBA 504 loan? #1: The Down Payment. It’s oftentimes half to a third the down payment of an ordinary conventional bank loan. This puts less of a burden on the borrowing business and gives it more leverage with its capital. #2: The Amortization. Oftentimes, we’ll do a […]

Chris Hurn awarded Coleman’s SBA 504 Lender of the Year

Congratulations to our CEO and founder, Chris Hurn, on being named Coleman Report’s 2017 SBA 504 Lenders of the Year! He is one of five recipients to receive the honor. Chris and his team have collectively funded more than $26 billion in SBA 504 projects over the past 20 years. This then makes Fountainhead Commercial […]